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17 Best Tricks for Enhancing Productivity

17 Best Tricks for Enhancing Productivity
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1. Wake up early and work less

It is always better to start your routine early in the morning and then finish work earlier.

2. Breakfast

Healthy and big enough breakfast will accelerate you into a productive morning. Don’t skip it.

3. Stop watching news

Today’s news is mostly useless neatly packaged garbage you don’t need and are depressive anyway. Ignore them. Your friends will tell you the important stuff you need to know.

4. Be a master of your Facebook

One of the biggest productivity killers is the social network Facebook. Facebook has some added value thanks to Messenger and Events, however, the rest of it consumes a lot of your precious time for very little added value. Biggest productivity killer is undoubtedly the Newsfeed. If you use Google Chrome as a browser, try extension Facebook Eradicator which removes the Newsfeed and leaves everything else usable. (Jordan, if you read this, please add this to Facebook Eradicator: A way to show posts about events my friends are attending below the quote)

5. Two-minute rule

This one is very well known. Tasks are important or urgent. If there is an urgent task you can finish in two minutes, you should do it now and then return to the main work.

6. Turn off notifications

Notifications in your mobile or even on a computer are big attention killer. Turn them off including those which show you new e-mails.

7. Make your mouse/trackpad faster

Really. By increasing the sensitivity of your trackpad to maximum or 90% will spare you few seconds every minute. It will take you 30 mins to get comfortable with new the setting but once you get, every computer with “normal” trackpad speed will look broken to you.

8. Morning exercise

Many successful people are exercising before they start working. For me, it is 100 push-ups a day to maintain the minimal dose of exercise.

9. Don’t sit the whole hour

Sitting is killing. If you have a job which requires you to sit, you are exposed to higher risks of diseases. In every hour you sit, you should stand for at least two minutes. Go ahead to take something to drink, have a small walk or work while standing. Even Apple included this healthy/productivity hack into their Apple Watch.

10. Turn off your cellphone during lunch

You can’t hold a cellphone in one hand, eat with other and enjoy your food at the same time. If you are eating, take a rest from technology.

11. Drink tap water

Many people enjoy a cup of coffee or sweet lemonade, but the best thing for you, is pure tap water. Also very cheap.

12. Maintain clean desk and office

If you don’t know where to start, begin with cleaning you workplace like a main character in the movie Limitless when he tried to write his book. Scientific studies found out that more things we have on our desk the more distracted we are, and tasks take us longer time.

13. Sign out from newsletters

If there is a web page which every day grabs your attention by unwanted emails, unsubscribe it.

14. Avoid meetings or make them snappy

There is nothing worse than 30 minutes lost by listening to something unimportant. Make meetings short and effective.

15. To-do list

You can write down and strike off your tasks on piece of paper, in diary or f.e. use Tasks from Google which you will find in your Gmail account. Good news is that there are apps which synchronize with Google Tasks. GoTasks is the best.

16. Looking into a screen before bed

Stop looking to the computer or iPhone screen at least one hour before you go to sleep. The quality of your sleep will improve.

17. Stay positive

If you maintain a positive attitude towards the world, you can do more stuff. Surround yourself by people and information which are friendly, inspirational, positive and which keep you moving forward.

So this is my list of best productivity-enhancing tricks. Did I forget something? Write me Your favorite productivity hacks.

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