Brno, Czech republic

13 Best Things to Do in Brno, Czech Republic

13 Best Things to Do in Brno, Czech Republic
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I was born in Brno, I live in Brno and love it here a lot. It is my favourite city and I think you will like it too. Read more to find the coolest stuff you can do here.

Brno is very old city founded around 5th of century A.D. It’s known for it’s chilled atmosphere, many students, nice weather, South Moravian wine and beer Starobrno. If you have a way from Prague to Vienna via bus and you stop in Brno, you should stay here one day and explore it. Here is a list of the best things what many locals love to do here and, in my opinion, are great for visitors, tourists and travellers too.

1) Water printer and fountains

Janackovo Theatre fountain
Recently constructed fountains near Janackovo Theatre are a nice place to have a picnic or little bit of win. Water printer in front of the theatre prints text and images from water and colourful lights are making the right atmosphere. When it’s very hot outside, locals are refreshing themselves there. Best time is around 6 pm. The fountain is operational during summer till 10 pm.

2) Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul


St. Peter and Paul cathedral

This gorgeous and huge cathedral dominates the city. It was first constructed in the 11th century and finally finished in 1909. It is a great architectonic piece which is now used by the Catholic church. You can go inside to see it’s amazing architecture and walk around it in nearby Denisovy sady. The romantic view is attracting young lovers and teenagers which are walking there and sitting on the benches. You can have a quite time of peace there.

3) Ballet in Janackovo Theatre

Ballet in Janackovo Theatre Brno
There is nothing better than to see ballet in Brno in Janackovo theatre. I have a friend from Netherlands who is dancing there as a ballet dancer and I know from her and many people that performances there are tasteful but unfortunately undervalued. If you are classics lover, go see it. It’s totally worth it for it’s low ticket prices.

4) Capuchin Monastery

Capuchin Monastery and thomb Brno
When I was I child, I was always scared of that place. Old Capuchin Monastery is so mysterious that it totally must-see. There are also mummies of monks inside. But be careful. It is open only from 10 am to 4 pm and sometimes longer.

5) Have a beer outside

Beer in Brno

In front of the Na stojáka pub at Behounska street is a place where people are standing outside, drinking beer and talking. Don’t miss this social hub and have a great tasty beer there. It is just next to the St. Jacob Church which is also great to visit (but during the day).

6) Student cinema Scala

Scala cinema Brno
I love to go to REAL cinema and Scala is one of them. Masaryk University owns it but it doesn’t mean you can’t go there and buy a cheap ticket and watch some good movie. Visit their web page and go see some classics or touching documentary.

7) Tugendhat Villa

Tugendhat Villa Brno

Tugendhat Villa was originally owned by a Jewish family which was forced to leave after Nazis came to Brno. Now the villa is renovated and opened for public and Tugendhat family owns it again. Be sure you buy the ticket in advance. If you are a villa lover Jurkovicova Villa is maybe even better.

8) Spilberk Castle

Spilberk Castle Brno
Another very visible object in Brno after St. Peters Cathedral is Spilberk Castle. Most of the cities have skyscrapers in the city centre. Brno has a castle. And it is a big one. You can have a pleasant walk around it and visit Casemates Torture Chamber. No worries nobody will hurt you. Maybe. :)

9) View of Brno from Town Hall

Old Townhall Brno
Don’t miss a beautiful view from Old Town Hall. You can see the whole old city with its traditional Vegetable market (opened till 3 pm). After you watch the old city, you can walk to the market and buy some fruits, wash them and eat them.

10) Clubs in Brno

Nightlife in Brno
Brno is a student city with many Erasmus students. If you are one of them, don’t miss the nightlife scene in Brno. Great clubs are Two faces, Metro, Caribic. Best bars are Na stojaka and Bar, ktery neexistuje See also: Best clubs in Brno (comming soon) where I wrote about best Brno clubs, bars and discos.

11) Tearooms

Tearoom in Brno
Czech Republic is known for its tearooms tradition. There are two big tearooms which are actually owned by the same guy and I think they are the best Veselá cajovna (Vesela 2) and Utopia (Divadelni 3). If you like to smoke Shisha and drink some tea, these two tea rooms are the best.

12) Vegetable market

Vegetable market Brno
If you are fortunate enough to be in Brno in morning or noon, you should visit the old Vegetable market called Zelny trh or Zelnak as locals call it. You can buy there some fruits as a refreshment and wash it in nearby sink located in bottom part of the square. There is an old fountain named Parnas from the year 1693 in the center of the square.

13) Shopping

Shopping in Brno
Main shopping streets in the centre of Brno is at Ceska and Masarykova street. if you want to buy some presents for your beloved you can visit nearby shopping mall called Vankovka. Vankovka (ve Vankovce 1) and Olympia (U dalnice 777) are in my opinion the best shopping malls in Brno.

Did I forgot something you liked in Brno? Let me know in comments.

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  1. My mother was baptized in that church. Her parents born there. I need someone there that can direct me. In the early 1940’s, my grandma was in a concentration camp, Milada Nowak. Her husband was POW. Whereas my grandma died here, I would like to find what concentration camp nearby that she was in. My mothers records should be in that church? I don’t know if anyone speaks English and I don’t have an email.
    My mothers name is Anna Marie Nowak, born May 13, 1941.
    Her father was Wilhelm Nowak.
    Is there anything you can find out for me? Please?

    Ericka Jackson

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