Best Websites For Finding Cheap Flights Around Europe

Best Websites For Finding Cheap Flights Around Europe
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Everyone wants to fly cheap and possibilities are endless. So many low-cost airlines are operating around Europe. And they are pretty profitable. Did you know that in 2014, Ryanair – no. 1 low-cost air carrier was the most profitable airline in Europe? How can they do this when they are so cheap? Because they make money from people which aren’t behaving smart. Don’t be one of them and became a master of transport around Europe. Use these air ticket search engines to have the upper hand and follow tips at the end of the article to get super cheap airline tickets.

Big things have small beginnings.
– David from the movie Prometheus

Let me be your “Prometheus” and share with you my list of low-cost airlines search engines. The first website is…

1) Skypicker.com


Skypicker.com is my favourite website where I go first when I look for cheap tickets. The best thing I love about it is the radius search when you make radius from where or to where you want to fly and it includes all airports in the radius into the search results. You can fly from another airport to obtain lower prices. For instance if the flight is from Vienna, but you are currently living in Prague, you get there with a bus or a train and save few bucks. It’s less comfortable, but you see more stuff and save some money. You can use rome2rio.com to search for bus or train tickets from your home to the airport in another city.

3) Azair.com


Azair is, in my opinion, the most professional tool for finding cheap low-cost air tickets. It’s a bit less intuitive and harder to use than Skypicker but it delivers great results. I would say the best. Maybe in the future I will write a tutorial how to use Azair. Should I do it?

4) Momondo.com


My friend told me that this search engine sometimes shows even cheaper flights than Skypicker or Azair. It looks like Momondo crunching the low-cost airline sites very often and gives people very good results. Momondo is my black horse. Go ahead and try it too.


Skyscanner screenshot
Skyscanner was one of the first low-cost airlines search engines and till today it’s the most used one. I couldn’t discard him from my “best of” list. A great thing about Skyscanner.com is the cheap flights box where you can draw your inspiration on where to go. Other than that it’s a great search engine too.

Skyscanner Box with cheap flights
Skyscanner’s Box with cheap flights

Buying cheap tickets even cheaper

When you are trying to buy tickets from a low-cost airline, they don’t tend to be that cheap all the time. Usually, the price of the tickets is lowest at the beginning and steadily rises over time. Try to observe the price of the air tickets during the day in different hours and during the week in different days. I’ve already written a piece about When to buy cheap air tickets with handy calculator included. I think you should read it too.

The other way how to find cheap tickets around Europe is to wait for deals from normal, usually more expensive airlines. I made you a list of travel blogs with deals. This becomes handy when you are flexible about dates, don’t care about the destination that much and have plenty of time. Then you can find flights which are even cheaper than the cheapest low-cost alternatives.

By the way here is one more list.

Low-cost airlines operating in Europe

These airlines are sorted from the most used to the least known ones where Ryanair is obviously indisputable king with its net profits of 523 million of Euros in a year 2014 by the way.

Michael O'Leary, source: europeanceo.com
Michael O’Leary, source: europeanceo.com

It’s funny when you know that the owner of Ryanair – Michael O’Leary hustle his employees to bring their own pens to work and don’t let employees charge their cellphones from company’s sockets. He even wanted to make possible for passengers to buy places for standing in an aircraft. The would stand during the flight. :) Another bizarre O’Leary’s idea was a fee for using toilets. EASA ruled it out very quickly too.

Traveling with a low-cost airline

It is actually very specific to travel with a low-cost airline. They make most of their money with added value stuff. Meal on board, check-in luggage or fees when you don’t meet requirements with your carry-on baggage. Or when you forgot to print out your boarding pass. Be careful when you are trying to save money with them. It can cost you much more in the end. These are my tips when you want to save your money.

  • Travel with carry-on luggage only. Read requirements at airline website and please obey them.
  • Don’t forget to do online check-in and print your boarding pass.
  • Buy some food in a duty-free zone at the airport or bring something from home. Don’t buy overpriced snacks and drinks on board. Buy or take a water from toilet into bottle behind the security check!

Did you know that Model Kate Moss is flying with low-cost airlines too? :)

Bonus: Tip for getting even cheaper air tickets

If you find your ideal flight ticket, you can save even more money. Try to search Google for the name of the airline and promo code or coupon. F.e.: “Ryanair promo code” or “Wizzair coupon”. There is an ocean of sites offering coupons with % discounts. And sometimes it works.

What do you think about my article? How do YOU look for cheap airline tickets?

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