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How to Get Travel Deals And Error Fares First Through Social Media

How to Get Travel Deals And Error Fares First Through Social Media
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Are you familiar with cheap airline tickets, travel deals, and error fares which occur from time to time on these travel blogs? Nowday’s traveling is not about how much money you have, but about flexibility, time, and speed in buying those super cheap tickets.

Deals and extremely low priced airline tickets last only for a very short period of time, sometimes only hours. You need to be really fast to snap them. But most importantly you need to be the first to know about them. In this article, I will show you how to be the first to know about the best travel deals and error fares on the internet.

Torronto, Canada to Bahamas round trip for$190?

Swimming pigs from Major Cay, an island in the Bahamas inhabited only by pigs (imgur)
Swimming pigs from Major Cay, an island in the Bahamas inhabited only by pigs (imgur)


Philadelphia, USA to Las Vegas, USA round trip for $204?


New York, USA to Oslo, Norway round trip for $270?

These are travel deals which you can get if you are fast. Not all cheap airline tickets are good. Sometimes the whole flight takes more than 24 hours or the discount is not that big. It’s like the board game Cashflow® where you are investor trying to escape the “rat race”. Not all investments are that good. You recognize the life opportunities over time when you get more familiar with the game. And the same game is the game of travel deals and cheap flights.

Follow the travel deal sites and their social media pages

Notifications in Facebook

The easiest way to be one of the first who knows about travel deals is to visit websites which are dedicated to cheap traveling. And you can also “like” their Facebook pages or follow them on Twitter. Complete worldwide list of travel blogs with deals could be found here: List of travel blogs with cheap tickets. You can bookmark these pages and follow them if you are traveling from US:

US travel deal sites:

US Deals on Secret Flying – my favourite
The Flight Deal (and their Twitter)
FareCompare.com – watches for cheap flights

Especially take a look at their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. These sites are worth to follow. You can turn on Notifications on Facebook for a particular page to be up to date. Everytime some deal will come out it will be in your Notifications bar.

If you feel comfortable around veteran expert flyers, then Flyertalk Mileage Run Forum is the ground zero of all hot travel deals in the world. It is more advanced, but most of the cool stuff from a grandpa Cheaperl Tickets could be found there.

Captain Jack  Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow is looking at a treasure
the same way I look at some very cheap flight

Always remember that if you find some amazing deal on travel blog or forum, you never contact the airliner. Just quietly reserve your newly discovered treasure and don’t tell anybody. The airline can quickly fix the price, cancel your reservation and kill the trick for others. Sometimes you think the deal expires. Even then don’t call the airline. Better to ask people on FlyierTalk forum than alert airline company and then find out later that the deal was still working and you’ve killed it.

If you are more into error fares and super cheap airline tickets, my older article Introduction to fuel dumping could be handy.

If you visit the sites and follow them, you can easily become overwhelmed by deals you are not interested in. There is actually a better way how to stay on tap of the hottest flights and error ticket deals which are near your home and to destinations you want to visit. A better way, a cooler way! Find out in my book. (coming soon).

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