My book about cheap flights is out

Kindle eBook About Cheap Flights

Kindle eBook About Cheap Flights
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My book about cheap airline tickets is out!

Cheap Flights ebook

What you find there:
All the knowledge I got for 5 years of flying cheap is compiled into one book. You don’t need to read all by blog and research the internet. I am completely transparent about everything I know about aerospace industry.

The ebook:
Cheap Airline Tickets

What’s inside:
– The best sites I know which will help you to fly cheap and comfortable
– Cool tricks how to get specific error tickets and hottest deals first
– Introduction into fuel Dumping and information which were never published before
– Few stories of my friend Pavel who worked for a major airline
– Other ways how to get cheap flights
– Full list of travel deal sites around the world
– Searching low-cost flights for even lower prices
– Information about which days to fly and when to buy the tickets
– Much more stuff I hope you will love and use

I personally wrote this book with a help of Kay Pearse. Big thanks to her!

You can have the book for only $3.62 (Europe) and $2.99 (US)!

I am also kindly asking you if you can leave an honest review on Amazon. That would help me a lot and please feel free to comment here too.

Big thanks

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