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So, this is a totally unrelated post to traveling, sorry. I hope you will forgive me. Few years ago I was searching for a name for my new startup company. It seems like the easiest thing, but have you ever try to find a name for a company which you don’t know what it will do in the future?

I was browsing different sites when I got the idea to name my company with a Latin name. My requirements for my new company name were:

– Easy to remember
– Easy to pronounce
– Short
– With free .com domain

There was no tool I could use so I created this simple script which takes a list of 76,900 Latin words and checks if they have free .com domain which I can register. And Voala, I found a great name – “Ornicus” which means Orca in Latin. I made the script public and I was happy that few people found it useful over the time too.

Few days ago I upgraded my script and added 3 more generators. It was a long night full of programming. Now I have 5 Latin word generators for different purposes. I really love Latin :)

List of my Latin word generators

1. Company Name Generator
My first generator which takes the list of 76,900 Latin words and shows you those which have free .com domain. You can also choose how many vowels you want in the word. I prefer 2 or 3.

2. Latin Words Generator
This tool shows you not only words with free .com domains but also those which are already taken. It can be used if you are looking for an inspiration when naming something.

3. Project Name Generator
Are you planning to establish a new project? Do you have a master plan and you need an appropriate name for your evil plans? :) Find the best name with Free Project Name Generator. Some of the names will have free domain.

4. Random Latin Text Generator
Developers often use that “Lorem Ipsum …” text to fill space on their new web pages. I prefer my own solution where I use totally random text. You can choose how many words you want, and, actually, when I am writing this post I am thinking about adding an option for dividing the text into paragraphs too. The sentences doesn’t make sense, but they use Latin words together with punctation, conjunctions and prepositions.

I hope you will try and maybe even use my Latin text generators in a real scenario, and don’t forget to check out my new Kindle book about Cheap Flights.

And one more thing. I use Facebook messenger a lot so I came up with an idea to make a list of my most favourite emoticons and smileys. You can find it here – Facebook Smileys, and maybe I will add some functionalities and more emoticons in the future.


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