My Travel Blogs Directory

The Best way to explore The World™ :) from your home is either going on Google Earth or read posts from other travellers. Here are my favourite travel bloggers and travel hackers:

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Expert Vagabond – This guy is a pro. Digital nomad who knows how to make living from traveling.

Nomadic Samuel – Samuel and his wife Audrey are nomadic travelers, writers, photographers and YouTubers. – Travel hacker Clint Johnston writes about latest trends in the travel hacking industry.

Pommie travels by Victoria – a young Brittish woman traveling the world, writing and vlogging.

The Longest Way Home – unique solo travel on a journey to find his home.

Curious Nomad – Mig is a traveler and volunteer sharing tip&tricks how to travel wisely.

As We Travel – this blog is cutting edge technology for travelers.

Living the Dream – Jeremy travels from 2008 and have been in 67 countries so far. Through his website he sells various services.

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