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When to Buy Airline Tickets, Calculator

When to Buy Airline Tickets, Calculator
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“When is the best time to buy air tickets?” The short answer is: 47 days before departure or sooner for domestic flights and at least 150 days for international ones. For a more sophisticated answer try the calculator Calculator and read more.

Airline ticket Calculator Calculator – when to buy tickets

This script will tell you how far ahead you should buy the tickets. Just click the choice which fits you the most and submit with “Send” button. You don’t need to click the button again if you chose a different option. Enabled JavaScript is needed.

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Introduction to buying tickets cheaper

“When to buy Airline tickets?”, is actually a very tricky question. Some sites published their studies and sometimes they go with their claims against each other. Over the time, I found that studies of Cheapair correlate with my observations the most. Kayak is also right. But sometimes it all looks like an accurate analysis over inaccurate data. What should you take from it?

Airlines are building walls of algorithms to make as much money possible and stay cheap compared to their competition. It’s really a battle of Goliath and David and you are not the bigger one. But if you are smart, you can get airline ticket cheap. As it said “time is money”.

Best days in week to buy cheap air tickets

You can save up to 20% of the price not by buying it in advance but by choosing the right time of purchase. Yes. Again there are some studies which say different things but most of the time the airline tickets will be cheap if you buy them in Tuesday 3 pm or Wednesday 1 am. (make sure it’s a time in time zone of the airline).

Some say that buying in Sunday is the new sweet spot. If you stick your right hand to freezing water and left hand to boiling hot water, you are statistically in lukewarm water and okay. So I wouldn’t take these measurements over big data too seriously.

I suggest you observe how the price of your ticket is changing over the week and during different hours. First you need to know an average price and when it jumps down and you know you are in a window the calculator above told you, buy it.

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Buy sooner for a direct flight

Over the time, more and more flights are sold and if you have two for $200 but one doesn’t have 3 hours layover, it is obvious it will be sold faster. That’s why you should buy plane ticket around 80 days before desired departure if you want to grab a better flight or seat.

Better too early than too late. There are no super cheap last-minute tickets.

Which day to fly if you are flexible

It’s obvious the price will be higher when you fly on Friday and return on Sunday. On the other hand, if you fly in Wednesday the tickets will be cheaper. Or go on Thursday and return on Monday. Flying in middays, outside peak hours, or according to some studies on Saturdays, is cheaper.

Travel deals on blogs

Before you stick your head into buying airline tickets directly from an airline or from some online travel agency, check my previous article with a List of travel blogs offering deals. Maybe you’ll find your desired destination there for the insanely low price.


If you didn’t find your destination on travel blogs with deals and you don’t have time to dig deeper with Matrix, the best choice is to buy the ticket in advance and don’t wait until it’s too late. Sometimes it’s good not to buy it too soon and wait until 3 months before departure – depends on a type of flight.

You are all set. Did I forgot something? Do you agree with me? Please write me or comment.


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