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Where Do The Cheap Air Ticket Deals On Travel Blogs Come From?

Where Do The Cheap Air Ticket Deals On Travel Blogs Come From?
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Most of the people are searching cheap airline tickets through search engines like,, or These search engines and online travel agencies can help you find air tickets with very low prices. Some people are more flexible and are waiting for travel deals from travel portals like There are many travel deal sites here in Europe.

But did you ever wondered where those super cheap air ticket deals at travel blogs come from? Read more to find out.

List of travel blogs offering travel deals and error tickets

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Where do the cheap ticket deals come from?

How the travel blogs find these deals and error tariffs? There are mainly four sources.

1) Special offers from airliners

Travel blogs catch these deals because they are subscribed to newsletters of many airlines. When something really cool comes out, the just publish it on their site. I was once subscribed to many airline newsletters. I set Gmail to save them into a separate folder but go through the deals consumed a lot of time. There is actually a better way how to tap the hottest deals.

2) Copycats

Administrators of travel portals often copy deals from each other.

3) Error tickets

From time to time some poor employee releases super cheap air ticket combination to the reservation system by mistake. The deal usually last only a few hours or days until it gets discovered. I remember how I found this ridiculously cheap airline ticket at Czech travel blog – It was from Brussels to Tokyo for $270 and yes it was a round trip. But how it got there? Where the administrators of the travel portal found it? That’s where you have to follow the white rabbit.

4) Fuel-dumped flight tickets

Fuel dumping is a trick which I am describing in an article Fuel Dumping and Matrix. Most of the deals on travel blogs are actually fuel-dumped tickets. They have two or more connections and few hour gap between flights. The price of these tickets is very low. This group of deals is the most interesting because you can actually find those tickets by yourself, but it takes a lot of time and patience. Once you learn about fuel dumping it will never be the same.

Hope it helped to navigate you through the lifespan of travel deals. More stuff will come. Did I miss something in the article? What is your opinion?

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